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Reading Comprehenesion: The Player King, by Avi


This was a very useful and well done packet of reading comprehension questions that also incorporated higher order, critical thinking, and analytical questions for each chapter. I would've like the option to also download in Microsoft Word, just because I ended up retyping many of these questions to put them into a format that our online learning allowed. However if we had been in person this would've been perfectly formatted and printable. Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful resource! Natalie P. (TeachersPayTeachers)


Essay Writing: Survival and Rescue


This made a great sub plan. Thank you! EHSram (Teachers Pay Teachers)


Reading Comprehension: Treasure Island


As a first real reading comprehension course my daughter has done,we are finding the chapters a short good read,the questions thought provoking,the spelling words a good challenge,and best of all,she has been really inspired by the writing up of the chapter synopsis.The way the layout of the product is given,has enabled her to create her own workbook in the format of a series of piratical scrolls....so it is fun and good English practice, in many ways. Fiona B. (Currclick)



Shakespeare: Methinks I'll Read Julius Caesar


My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the Shakespeare: Methinks I'll Read Julius Caesar play. I have been intimidated to dive into Shakespeare in our homeschool. This made it much simpler than I could have imagined. We would co-read (we picked which characters we would each read) for about 20 minutes and then do one of the assignments provided. We enjoyed that the assignments were adaptable and doable. Our favorite part was when we would read a scene , discuss what we thought it all meant and then read the summary that's provided to see if what we thought was happening was accurate. This is great to use in a homeschool or even a co-op. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanted to introduce Shakespeare to their children. Brandy M. (Currclick)



Night Literature & Composition


Thank you! Great resource! a Q. (Teachers Pay Teachers)



Beginner's French with Noisette the Cat


I look forward to using this as a great back to school review activity and introduction to my new students in beginner jr. high FSL. Thank you! Jill Weatherhead (Teachers Pay Teachers)



Character Description Literature & Composition


I really love these short lit and writing studies for my 5th grader. He's not a verbose kid, so getting words on paper is often difficult, but the writing assignments are perfect for his level: they challenge him to think about his writing without overwhelming him. We've also used the Simple Things study and loved the diverse literature selections. Well done! kendra4 (Tes)

(Note: This resource is currently being updated.)


Colour-Your-Own Basic School Planner Pages


When it came planning our educational adventures for the new school year I needed a little help gather all of my ideas into one place. This is just the perfect product to help me do so! It is very simple in design, but super cute! When you download the item you can chose which pages you want to print. This makes it the perfect planner for your needs. You chose what will be most useful to your family and leave out the rest. We love the way this is laid out for home school families! I love the fact that these are black and white pages. Students can color them in as they see fit. It also saving on ink cost! Evamarie S. (Currclick)



Sherlock Holmes Reading Comprehension: A Collection


I like this product for the following reasons: It breaks each story down into bite-sized portions for the students. The print is clear and student-friendly. The students like the look of it. The vocabulary word list is comprehensive but relevent. The comprehension questions are not just factual...they ask for inference and making connections. The Looking Closer page after each section is very interesting to the students. Anonymous (Currclick)



How To Draw A Snowflake


I got this for my daughter to have 'someone else' give her the directions. They were easy to follow and once she got one done, she had a great time creating her own designs. Ginny B. (Currclick)



Reading Comprehension: The Story of Quetch, A Dog's Adventures


A great resource, easy to use. Students loved the story. gaileen p. (Currclick)



Drawing for Better Block Letters


This was fun and really helpful fot those students who need to practice writing. Thanks! LoriJean F. (Currclick)


We are really enjoying this different approach to writing. Even my older kids have chosen to do it along with the younger ones. Emily K. (Currclick)


The difference to my children's handwriting was amazing!! Freyni d. T. (Currclick)



Drawing for Better Penmanship


I am amazed at the creativity of this activity. I have been looking for more handwriting practice for my 8 yr old son. He has been asking to learn cursive. This is a perfect blend of activities that will match his love of drawing with my desire to improve his handwriting. I only with there was one that went with simple print style in addition to the cursive. Definitely worth the price. I may even do this myself! Maiesha M. (Currclick)


Learn To Knit: A Lesson Plan And Guide


This was such a great addition to my teacher resources. Thank you for making my job less stressful! Jennifer M (Teachers Pay Teachers)