Reading Comprehension for Younger Students

We have published a few of our favourite, unique texts for young people in full reading comprehension format. From beloved Doctor Dolittle stories (by H. Lofting) to lesser-known gems like Flowers of the Farm (by A. O. Cooke), The Adventures of Sajo and Her Beaver People (by Grey Owl) and A Penny A Day (by W. De la Mare), these pieces of writing, of different lengths and levels of difficulty, are all suitable for learners in the earlier elementary grades.

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Sherlock Holmes Reading Comprehension

Who better to show the usefulness of a well-asked question – and the importance of a clear and concise answer – than Sherlock Holmes? We've put together four of the original, beloved Sherlock Holmes stories in reading comprehension format! Students in upper elementary grades will benefit from reading high-quality literature, improving their vocabulary, and mastering the skill of answering questions in a polished style. Every story has been divided into ten sections, which are each followed by a ‘looking up close’ page that explores one theme relevant to that section (with pictures!).

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Literature & Composition

These themed collections are suitable for students who are ready to read various types literature in small quantities. This usually applies to ages 10 or 11. For example, instead of an entire novel or scholarly work, a small sample of each (which can stand on its own) will be presented. The content is careafully selected to be age-appropriate. With these texts, the intermediate student may stretch their reading abilities without being discouraged. Some texts are less challenging than others, and many different types of writing are represented. The writing assignments also vary in length and are intended to inspire the student to try writing in different forms and styles, without pressure to master any particular form. 

Please note: these titles are currently being reviewed and will be republished shortly in a new and improved format!

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Literature for Older Students

We look for inspiring and thoughtful literature when preparing titles for older readers, and put appreciation and interpretation at the heart of each unique reading comprehension course. Write letters to a ‘Dear Aunt’ to tell the latest news in Pride & Prejudice (by Jane Austen) . . . write a journal to summarise events in Treasure Island (by R.L. Stevenson) . . . express your thoughts in a free style about the many poignant themes in The Education of Little Tree (by F. Carter) . . . and more!

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Handwriting (Penmanship and Block Letters)

Some say it is becoming a lost art, but we believe that with daily practise and the right frame of mind, there is nothing to prevent anyone from developing a perfectly acceptable handwriting style! Simple Drawing exercises can help a student to improve their ability to observe details, and help develop fine motor skills – leading to steady improvements in their penmanship or block letters. 

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There’s nothing like a bit of humour to lighten the load of learning grammar! Our books contain cheerful instructions, examples, assignments and exercises (as well as full answer keys) to help you to learn or teach advanced English grammar topics (such as clauses, gerunds, and participles). Some titles are available in either black & white or colour formats. No need for dismal examples and dull lessons – students can use these books to enjoy improving their knowledge of the English language!

French titles for all levels!

Beginners may enjoy learning vocabulary and how to use verbs with ‘Noisette the Cat’, or practising what they know with the tried-and-true method of ‘Dictées’ – on cheerful subjects such as fruits and vegetables, places, and activities.

Intermediate students can learn new vocaublary, practise reading aloud and writing, and focus on specific grammar topics and verb conjugations with collections of Unit Studies, Verbs Practise Sheets, and ‘Dictées & Tests’.

Advanced students will benefit from reading high-quality French prose in the ‘Arsène Lupin’ stories by Maurice Leblanc, then answering reading comprehension questions and making their own lists of vocabulary as they go. Other advanced French titles allow for ample grammar and vocabulary practise while reading about interesting topics such as cats, Napoleon or King Childeric I. We hope these materials inspire affection for both French language and culture.

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Methinks I’ll Read Shakespeare!

Art thou ready to read Shakespeare? But of course! Here you will finde assignments, definitions, explanations, and other sundry ‘stuff’ which will make reading each play a zephyr – that is, a breeze! This approach focuses on seeing the big picture, with only the most interesting of extra information included for thine own interest. Read the words of the beloved Bard aloud! Write some of your own! Explore important themes . . . interpret some elements of the play . . . examine the text one more time, looking for details ‘divine and rare’ . . . memorize a few lines . . . and hark! It is done!

Included in each title are the following: the complete play; seven separate sections each containing assignments and information; a Biography, and detailed Summaries of Acts and Scenes. These lessons are well-suited to homeschoolers who do not anticipate putting on a play or doing other activities that involve collaboration with numerous people. They are especially aimed at students who are not yet familiar with Shakespeare’s plays, and who will benefit from a light-hearted but meaningful approach to reading them.

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Essay Writing

Rather than jumping into essay-writing with a braod topic on a long text, these collections offer shorter reading assignments on single topics so that the student has plenty of time to focus on their writing. Each essay-writing title contains one or more texts related to a specific theme, and detailed instructions for writing an essay on one of several suggested topics. ‘Survival and Rescue’ takes the reader to the wilds of Australia and the frigid Arctic through two true, first-hand accounts of adventure. ‘Iron Bridge-Building’ explores the detailed process of producing iron for bridges at the end of the 19th century, via a true account of the process in a renowned American factory. Other titles include ‘India: Timeless Topics’ ‘Wit & Humour’, ‘Space Travel: Two Short Stories’ and ‘A Winter Walk (by Thoreau)’. At The Movies titles include thoughtful long-answer questions and essay topics related to a specific movie rather than a text. Cult classics such as 'Singin' In The Rain' and 'Strictly Ballroom' can provide plenty of food for thought for a perceptive viewer, and foreign films like 'OMG' and 'Silk and Iron'will broaden high school students' understanding of other cultures and countries.

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‘Think About History’

These books contain unique and stimulating samples of historical writing. Learn about history (the facts) while taking time to learn about how history is written (the interpretation). Each one will give a student a unique introduction to the topic adressed – whether you’re taking a look a world history through the eyes of H.G. Wells, or examing Canadian History with a renowned Canadian author.

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Crafts and Colouring

We’ve put together a few crafts and colouring books, because knitting, making cardboard mosaics, and other activities that require deft fingers are excellent tools for developing a student’s fine motor skills. They are also enjoyable activities for adults! The benefits of taking time to do work with your hands are many – it can help you do a better job of playing a musical instrument, to write neatly, to give better attention to detail, to use patience, and to be able to concentrate for longer periods of time. Here you will find advanced colouring collections (Flowers, Persian Rugs, Old Maps and Woodland Foliage), a Learn-to-Knit lesson plan, three collections of do-it-yourself Mosaics that use common household cardboard (Hearts, Autumn Leaves and Snowflakes), and other goodies – such as a set of colour-your-own Art Nouveau Planner Pages!

Music Appreciation and Guided Meditation resources have also recently been added!

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